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Avg retail registration and avg retail activation

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avg retail activation is a procedure of activating a avg retail key at page. If you only want to activate your key to a license number then it can be done at is a page where you can do avg retail activation and registration in one go.

Step by step pocedure to install avg at

  • First of all open any Internet browser in your computer.
  • Navigate the web page
  • See image below. Put all the information asked on this page
Login to avg retail my account

Most noteworthy things here -

Unique code- Unique code here is your avg activation code . Avg Activation code is mentioned on the retail card. If you purchased your avg online then avg activation code may come to your email.

Password- Keep in mind that here you are going to create a new password for your brand new Avg my account.

last section of page

Finally click on "register and activate" button on the button.

  • seems like you got an email in your inbox for verification.
  • Verify and login to Avg my account.
  • Download and run your product from the account section.
  • Avg retail is now running in your computer and you are ready for your first system scan.

I alrady have an avg My account

Do not go to

In this case directly login to your account and redeem your activation code in your account.

Login to avg account at page features


  • Avg retail card activation .
  • Create an avg account simultaneously with avg retail card activation.
  • An avg account will help you to restore , reactivate your avg internet security in future.
  • all in one page for all Avg activation except Avg ultimate.

Faq -  Questions and answers

What is ? is a all in one webpage for avg retail registration and avg retail activation at the same time. Benefit of avg/retail page is you will have a single page for navigation and after that your avg activation code will be redeemed as well as you will have an avg account.

What is avg retail card ?

Avg retail card is a card you get at the time of purchase of an avg internet security. It contains a unique code ( avg activation code ) for avg activation.

What is avg activation code ?

Avg activation code is a alpahnumeric unique character string . Avg activation code is used to activate the avg License. It is also known as Avg license number.




avg retail antivirus page Policy


We are all around surrounded with electronic devices and gadgets. So, the information, documents whether academic, professional or related to our assets; business plans, personal details, pictures and creations all are saved in digital format. Thus, your private life and professional plans are all summed up in our personal computer systems. Hence, your computer
system, data saved in it or shared over a network through it needs to be safeguarded in the best way possible. A security software is required for computer system as well as for the network just like you hire a security guard for the safety of your building and inhabitants. Among a lot of computer security software available in the market, you may choose any one as
per your requirements. Avg antivirus free can be your best choice for this.

AVG activation code at

Activation code is known to be product installation code for a particular software product. Whenever we make purchase of a software product and install it on our system, this activation code is required at that time e.g. we have purchased Avg computer security, we should know the process to install Avg with license number. Almost every software product comes with unique activation code which is an alphanumeric code. Uniqueness of the activation code is verification that the software product purchased is dedicated only to the system/ systems for which we have purchased it. Product activation code becomes more specific feature when this software product is for system and network protection. In simple terms, you can say that activation codes should be more specific for computer security applications as the means to protect needs more protection. Here, we will learn the process of Avg retail download.


Tips at and before installation tips

Prerequisite of Avg antivirus installation is presence of no other antivirus software on the system, so check for it. If there is ay such program active on the system, uninstall it. Also, you will need a high- speed internet connection for the registration using AVG activation code. This process may take some time, so start the process, only if you have sufficient time for it.


Avg retail internet security features

Email and web protection

Your email has never been safer. Our Email Shield technology specifically targets email attachments to stop threats, wherever they may come from — malicious senders or friends sending malware out unknowingly.

Your online security is guaranteed with real-time link & download scanning, and protection against unsecure Wi-Fi spots. If you click it, we scan it — with our best internet security software, you always know your way is clear.


Hacker Attacks Protection

Keep hackers and ransom seekers away


Our Enhanced Firewall gives you full control over exactly who and what comes in and out of your PC. And our Ransomware Protection provides an extra layer of protection against ever-increasing ransomware attacks. That means nobody messes with any of your private data, files, photos, and passwords — no hackers, no ransomware, nothing.

Privacy Protection

Don’t let anyone snoop on you


Keep peeping Toms and suspicious applications from accessing your webcam, encrypt and hide your most private photos and files, or permanently shred documents you’re done with.

Payments Protection with avg retail

Shop and bank online freely and securely


Whether browsing, banking, or shopping, this is the added internet protection you need. We block spam and scams, and even help you avoid fake copycat websites, to prevent you from accidentally giving our passwords or credit card numbers to the bad guys.


Home users safety



Home user safety is our primary motto, an avg antivirus has a plugin inside which will update its database against the threat on real time basis

And a ton of features with avg retail.